Survive the Shark Tank of Science with a Self-Marketing Plan

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In a sea of white lab coats, how can science and technology professionals get noticed? The answer is to develop a self-marketing plan — a strategy that showcases your professional accomplishments and expertise — that will put you at a competitive advantage in the shark tank of science. Continue reading

What’s your career exit strategy?

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With the uncertainty of government funding and shrinking research budgets, scientists need to develop a career plan that includes an exit strategy — an alternate career route that will pay the bills during transition periods while you refocus your career goals. Continue reading

Take the Monkey and Run: Science, Evolution and the Public

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The science community was buzzing last week with coverage of the Bill Nye (aka “The Science Guy”) vs. Ken Ham (aka Creation Museum CEO) debate on evolution vs. creationism. Instead of such overdramatized events, I think scientists have to focus on consistent and honest science communications with the public to keep them informed of new science and how to interpret the information to understand the world around us.
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Mentoring — Training in Disguise

January is National Mentoring Month to raise awareness about mentoring programs and to recruit people to serve as role models for youth in their communities. Anyone can be an effective mentor — it just takes a caring attitude and a desire to guide your mentee towards success in life. Read the full article for ways to find volunteer opportunities and tips on becoming a good mentor. Continue reading

Science Mentor Blog Project: 2013 Year in Review

The 2013 Year in Review report for the Science Mentor Blog Project was just released from the WordPress crew. Top posts from last year include “How to Compete with a Lab Diva” and “What to Do When You’re Late for that Important Date“. Thanks to all my loyal readers, especially Matt Russell of Just Science, Elke Stangl of Theory and Practice of Trying to Combine Just Anything and Maidemoiselle Scientist. Here’s to another great year of blogging in 2014. Happy New Year!