The giving list: supporting science with annual donations

giving list

The end of the year is the time that I sit down and plan my giving list to support grassroots science and education initiatives. I hope you will also consider adopting this tradition. Read my article “The giving list: supporting science with annual donations” in the ASBMB Today magazine for ideas on who to include on your list. Continue reading

Gender neutrality and pronouns


As a writer, I have been thinking about preferred gender pronouns (PGPs) and the best way to reference an individual within an article without using a name every time. PGPs are third-person singular pronouns like he/she, which assume the subject’s gender. Should I always pick gender-neutral pronouns? Or maybe I should ask an interviewee what pronoun they prefer as part of the standard interview process? Continue reading

Beyond the Bench: Taking Your Career to the Next Level


You can read my latest career insights article “Beyond the Bench: Taking Your Career to the Next Level” in the October 2014 issue of Lab Manager Magazine. The article features practical advice from three ambitious science professionals on how to keep your career moving forward and upward. Continue reading