Career Insights: Quick guide to career fairs

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My recent career insights article for ASBMB Today, the membership magazine of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, is now available online. Check out “Quick guide to career fairs” to learn how to make the most of in-person and virtual career fairs, featuring advice on how to find career fairs and a prep guide. Continue reading

It May Pay to Track STEM Job Market Trends

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Lately, a massive debate has been ongoing on the issue of whether there is a shortage of science and engineering graduates prepared for the labor market or if this is a complete myth. Overall, it looks like it depends on how you count your numbers to form a conclusion on the topic. One thing that does seem clear is that the number of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-related jobs fluctuate with market demands, thus the need for skilled for workers in specific fields can change over time. Continue reading

Who inspired your STEM career? #ThankATeacher

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This week has been Teacher Appreciation Week, a time that I reflect on those special teachers and mentors who helped me along the way. Consider dropping a note (or tweet at #thankateacher) to your favorite teacher or mentor to let them know how much they helped you in your schooling or career. You can also make a donation to a K-12 classroom teacher on in honor of that person. Continue reading

Survive the Shark Tank of Science with a Self-Marketing Plan

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(Creative Commons 2.0)

In a sea of white lab coats, how can science and technology professionals get noticed? The answer is to develop a self-marketing plan — a strategy that showcases your professional accomplishments and expertise — that will put you at a competitive advantage in the shark tank of science. Continue reading

What’s your career exit strategy?

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With the uncertainty of government funding and shrinking research budgets, scientists need to develop a career plan that includes an exit strategy — an alternate career route that will pay the bills during transition periods while you refocus your career goals. Continue reading