Proactive approaches for building a professional network – AWIS webinar, Thursday 11/29, 4 pm EST

Please join me for the webinar “Proactive approaches for building a professional network” to be presented to the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) on Thursday, 11/29/12 at 4 pm (EST). The webinar will focus on a survey of networking techniques to build a professional network, including places to meet people, ways to approach people and considerations for organizing successful networking events.

The webinars (called STEMinars) are free to AWIS members. AWIS “champions the interests of women in science, technology engineering, and mathematics across all disciplines and employment sectors. Working for positive system transformation, AWIS strives to ensure that all women in these fields can achieve their full potential.” Benefits for AWIS members include free STEMinars, magazine, newsletter, advocacy news, active discussion boards, job listings, etc. To learn more about the organization and to become a member, please visit their website at

View Slides from Presentation

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