Beyond the Bench: Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Oct14-CoverStory_640x360You can read my latest career insights article “Beyond the Bench: Taking Your Career to the Next Level” in the October 2014 issue of Lab Manager Magazine. The article features practical advice from three ambitious science professionals on how to keep your career moving forward and upward. A special thanks to Dr. Bridget Fisher of Seattle Biomed, Rose Mary Casados of Cola Resources, Inc. and Dr. Jim Rancourt of Polymer Solutions for taking the time to share their knowledge with scientists who may be ready to advance their careers to the next level. An excerpt from the article is featured below:

“Managing a lab requires dedication and self-sacrifice to keep operations running smoothly and to support the work of everyone around you. Too often these valuable qualities are the very things that hold lab professionals back from focusing on their own career development.

As daunting as it may seem, you deserve to take time to reflect on whether your career is headed in the right direction and then map out the best way to get where you want to go.

In this article, you will meet three highly talented and ambitious scientists who have advanced beyond the bench to satisfying careers in research, business development, and entrepreneurship. Each professional provides practical advice on ways to gain the skills and education necessary to make an upward career transition, all while still working at the bench to support yourself financially.

Although they are on divergent career tracks, these individuals share a common drive to pave their own roads to success.”

[Read the full article in the October 2014 issue of Lab Manager Magazine.]

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