The giving list: supporting science with annual donations

The end of the year is the time that I sit down and plan my giving list to support grassroots science and education initiatives. I hope you will also consider adopting this tradition. Read my article “The giving list: supporting science with annual donations” in the ASBMB Today magazine for ideas on who to include on your own list. The article was also featured on Discover Magazine’s Citizen Science Salon blog. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Fundraising campaigns — from ice bucket challenges to pink cleats on the football field — have been all the craze lately, saturating our social media feeds and news headlines.

While it’s refreshing to see people pitching in to support groups that return a portion of funds to biomedical research, these donation fads can quickly fizzle out. Plus, many nonprofit research and science-education programs rely on consistent, year-round donations.

I use the end of the year as a mental reminder to plan my annual giving list comprised of worthy science and education causes. Also, I have transitioned to making donations in lieu of giving materialistic holiday gifts to maximize my donation potential and promote a philanthropic culture.

If you care about grassroots science initiatives or supporting young scientists, you too can adopt a year-end tradition and include science on your annual giving list.”

Read the full article at ASBMB Today.

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