Onboarding: Getting New Hires up to Speed

The first 90 days of employment are critical to engage and properly train new hires for overall employee satisfaction and productivity. An effective and formal onboarding process is key to meeting these objectives. You can read my latest article “Onboarding: Getting New Hires up to Speed” in Lab Manager Magazine for insight on how to design an effective onboarding process and lead new hires down a guided path to career success. While written for laboratory managers, the article includes guidelines on the structure and features of successful onboarding programs that can be applied in any workplace. Thanks to Scott Hanton of Intertek Allentown, Talya Bauer of Portland State University and Liz Kelly of Brilliant Ink for their expert advice! Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Onboarding is a critical step in the employee lifecycle that has a major impact on the overall job satisfaction and retention of new hires. A structured onboarding process speeds up the learning curve and results in more engaged employees who will be productive faster. Lab managers, as the direct supervisors of technical personnel, play an essential role in the design and implementation of onboarding programs to transition new hires safely and smoothly into their lab spaces.”

Read the full article online in the July issue of Lab Manager Magazine.

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