The Art of Networking

art of networking

Image credit: Lab Manager Magazine

Networking is critical to keep you connected to the people and resources you need to excel in your career and find new opportunities. Read my latest article “The Art of Networking” in Lab Manager Magazine for advice on how to proactively build your network, featuring innovative networking tips from science professionals. Here is an excerpt from the article that discusses ways to set aside time for networking activities:

Between work and personal life, it may seem impossible to add in networking activities, but you can make time by creating a networking plan that includes manageable goals. For example, you could set personal goals to spend ten minutes a week on LinkedIn group discussion boards, meet one new contact a week, and attend one national conference a year. Also, conserve time by crossing people off your list who won’t respond to your emails (e.g., three strikes and they are out) or negative people who constantly criticize you. By being proactive in your networking approaches and setting achievable goals, you can build a professional network with mutually beneficial relationships for future career success.

Read the full article in the September 2015 issue of Lab Manager Magazine.

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