Virtual Onboarding: How to Foster Open Communications and Engage Employees from a Distance

I will be presenting a Lab Manager webinar titled “Virtual Onboarding: How to Foster Open Communications and Engage Employees from a Distance” on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 1 pm EST. You can register for the webinar online at the Lab Manager website. Below is a description of the webinar topic and learning objectives. You can also check out my recent article “Open Communication” in Lab Manager magazine that introduces the webinar focus in more detail.


Developing a culture of open communications within an organization begins with the onboarding process. The proper onboarding of new hires results in better-prepared employees who are productive faster and overall more satisfied. The prevalence of virtual collaborations in science and industry is increasing; however, more communication issues are introduced with remote teams and can make onboarding a challenge. Many of these challenges can be addressed with a well-designed communications plan that provides employees with clear guidelines and expectations for communications, along with access to resources and proper training. This webinar will focus on practical tools and tips to build open and honest relationships with new employees whom you may never meet in person.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of engaging employees at all levels of the organization, especially during the onboarding process
  • Be introduced to tools, tips, and resources that can help foster open communications with virtual team members
  • Learn to develop effective internal communications guidelines as part of a virtual collaboration plan, with an emphasis on onboarding components

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