Maximizing Your Conference and Seminar Spend


Image credit: Lab Manager magazine

My latest article “Maximizing Your Conference and Seminar Spend” in the September 2016 issue of Lab Manager magazine is now available online. This article overviews ways that companies can maximize their return on investment from attending conferences and also includes ideas on increasing the accessibility of conferences for lab professionals through creative funding avenues and the availability of online conferences.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Conferences—from scientific meetings and trade shows to educational training events focused on specific skills like lab management—are at the core of scientific innovation. These venues provide lab managers with key opportunities to showcase their work, build future collaborations, and develop essential skills to enhance research capacity. Yet when organizations are forced to reduce operating budgets, travel and conferences for lab personnel and other support teams are often the first line items to be cut.

However, there are ways to maximize the return on investment to make conferences more cost-effective, including selecting conferences that are in line with business and professional goals and taking a proactive approach to sharing new information and skills learned with team members back at the lab. Additionally, the increasing availability of online conference platforms eliminates conference expenses and the need to even leave the lab, improving accessibility to create a more diverse and connected research community.

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