Seeking input on the role of IT in the lab

I am gathering some informal background information from lab professionals for a Lab Manager magazine article on how to best interact with IT folks to improve laboratory operations and systems. Here’s a few questions that I am looking to get some input on:

  • How much do you interact with your own internal IT  department and in what ways?
  • Does the IT department mostly help out with office and communication tools vs. technical (lab-related) software applications and issues?
  • Do you rely on other people (e.g., equipment supplier/vendor, other staff, yourself) to help with the technical applications?
  • Are there ways to work and communicate effectively with IT departments for laboratory needs?
  • What skills do lab professionals need to be successful in an increasingly digital lab environment?

Please feel free to comment below by March 15, 2017, with any thoughts and advice. Include your name, title and institution if it’s okay to include any quotes from you in the article. You can also contact me privately to share this information. Any input is much appreciated.

Do you have any comments or suggestions?

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