List of Services

Communications Strategy

  • Develop project- to program-level strategic communications plans to promote research and outreach initiatives.

Content Management

  • Create content for and manage websites and social media accounts to increase online visibility and provide valuable content for targeted audience.

Proposal Development

  • Work with teams to design effective projects and programs with evaluation plans, and develop comprehensive funding strategies to meet long-term goals and objectives.

Proposal Writing, Editing and Review Services

  • Provide grant-writing and -editing support with technical review services to result in a competitive proposal that meets proposal guidelines and aligns with agency’s mission. Assist with development of key supplementary materials, including figures, logic models and project management plans.

Research Services

  • Perform background searches for projects (e.g., literature reviews), identify technical experts and research funding opportunities (e.g., grants and foundations).

Science Highlights and News Articles

  • Create articles that showcase research activities, profile researchers and report on breaking news in funding and discoveries. Also specialize in career development topics for early-career professionals.

Technical Editing

  • Edit a wide range of technical communication products (e.g., manuscripts, posters and presentations) for basic grammar, language and readability.

Technical Writing

  • Develop content for a variety of technical documents (e.g., capability statements, reports and training materials) to communicate complex information to diverse audiences.

*Rates are typically based on an hourly rate and are subject to negotiation by project. Please contact me for an estimate.