Writing Portfolio

Career and Management Advice

Leading Your Staff Through Change. Lab Manager Magazine (December 2016)

An Open Letter to an Undergraduate Chemistry Student. Polymer Solutions, Inc. (October 2016)

Maximizing Your Conference and Seminar Spend. Lab Manager Magazine (September 2016)

Open Communication. Lab Manager Magazine (March 2016)

Managing from a Distance. Lab Manager Magazine (March 2016)

Your voices on diversity & inclusion matters (contributor). ASBMB Today (February 2016)

The Art of Networking. Lab Manager Magazine (September 2015)

Onboarding: Getting New Hires up to Speed. Lab Manager Magazine (July 2015)

The giving list: supporting science with annual donations. ASBMB Today (December 2014)

Beyond the Bench: Taking Your Career to the Next Level. Lab Manager Magazine (October 2014)

Quick guide to career fairs. ASBMB Today (Summer 2014)

How to compete with a lab diva. ASBMB Today (September 2013)

Funding and Science News

Philanthropies partner to support early-career faculty members. ASBMB Today (May 2015)

The dual roles of metabolic hydrogen peroxide. ASBMB Today (May 2014)

Mechanistic insight into the mitochondrial acetylome. ASBMB Today (January 2014)

NIH funds new program to decode exRNA communication signals. ASBMB Today (October 2013)

Grant Materials

STEAM into Service Education Program LOI (sample LOI)

USDA Borlaug Fellowship Program Model (sample logic model)

Masquers sound equipment upgrades grant (sample foundation grant)

Letter to the Editor

Pro-family policies are a better option. Knoxville News-Sentinel (October 2014)


Algae Testbed Public-Private Partnership: Summer 2015 Newsletter

Algae Testbed Public-Private Partnership: Fall 2015 Newsletter

Press Materials

“STEAM Out Hunger” Exhibit and Food Drive (sample media alert)

Professional Profiles

Women @ Energy: Sindhu Jagadamma (sample feature article)

Anne Guidos Freeman, MSP (sample LinkedIn profile)

Professional Resume for an Operations Manager (sample resume)

Social Media Discussions and Webinars

Virtual Onboarding: How to Foster Open Communications and Engage Employees from a Distance (webinar). Lab Manager (2016)

Finding a research job outside of academia: live chat. The Guardian Higher Education Network (2015)

How to Develop a Career Exit Strategy: webinar. BioCareers (2014)

How to Develop a Career Exit Strategy: live twitter chat. #ECRchat — Live Twitter Chat for Early Career Researchers (2014)

Mentoring: building relationships that benefit academic careers: live chat. The Guardian Higher Education Network (2012)

Proactive Approaches for Building a Professional Network: webinar. Association for Women in Science (2012)

Scholarly Articles

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