The Art of Networking

Networking is critical to keep you connected to the people and resources you need to excel in your career and find new opportunities. Read my latest article "The Art of Networking" in Lab Manager Magazine for advice on how to proactively build your network, featuring innovative networking tips from science professionals. Here is an excerpt from the … Continue reading The Art of Networking

What’s your best networking tip?

What's your best networking tip? I will feature tips in an upcoming Lab Manager Magazine article on networking as a critical career tool. I would love to share your advice with other scientists and lab managers who are looking to advance their careers. Please post tips as a short comment below by Friday, July 10, … Continue reading What’s your best networking tip?

Networking refresher: tips for proactively building a professional network

I recently attended an alumni networking event that was open to everyone in the local community, including non-alumni like myself. Even though I have been to dozens of such events, I still get a little nervous walking into a crowd of strange faces and interjecting myself into a circle of chatting people who stare back at me with as much awkwardness as I feel on the inside...

Prepping for a virtual career fair

In the digital age, many organizations are now opting for virtual career fairs. This format benefits both employers and job seekers – no travel expenses and no long lines – but the online nature requires special prep ahead of time.

Funding Sources for Attending Scientific Meetings

I’m not going to lie, attending conferences and meetings can be quite pricey, not to mention the membership fees for the professional societies to which you belong! That’s why it may be best to focus on one large conference or a few smaller meetings to attend a year that are most in line with your … Continue reading Funding Sources for Attending Scientific Meetings