Tips for designing a contact or business card

I often get asked for tips on designing a business or contact card. My response is to keep it simple. The goals are for the recipient of the card: 1) to be able to easily contact you; and 2) even more importantly, remember who you are. Here's a few tips on how to effectively design … Continue reading Tips for designing a contact or business card

LinkedIn feature: “Mentioned in the news” can mean bad publicity for you

LinkedIn released a new "Mentioned in the News" feature in 2015 that uses an algorithm to search for online content in which you may be featured. Your contacts will then get an email message notifying them that you are in the news with a link to the article. However, there is no guarantee that the … Continue reading LinkedIn feature: “Mentioned in the news” can mean bad publicity for you

What’s your best networking tip?

What's your best networking tip? I will feature tips in an upcoming Lab Manager Magazine article on networking as a critical career tool. I would love to share your advice with other scientists and lab managers who are looking to advance their careers. Please post tips as a short comment below by Friday, July 10, … Continue reading What’s your best networking tip?

Networking refresher: tips for proactively building a professional network

I recently attended an alumni networking event that was open to everyone in the local community, including non-alumni like myself. Even though I have been to dozens of such events, I still get a little nervous walking into a crowd of strange faces and interjecting myself into a circle of chatting people who stare back at me with as much awkwardness as I feel on the inside...

“How to Make Women’s Networks Succeed” (Reblog from AWIS)

Do women's networks actually help women succeed in a company or do they just function to let HR check the diversity box? The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) LinkedIn group discussed a Harvard Business Review opinion article on this topic written by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, founder of the largest professional women's network in Europe. Read the AWIS blog post "How to Make Women's Networks Succeed" to see what women in STEM think about the use of women's networks to promote gender equality at work and support the advancement of women into leadership positions.