“I am constantly amazed at how Donna can take a relatively simple request and make magic occur. I have worked with her for the past few years and been the recipient of her quick and steady professional eye. It is a joy to scope a project with her, see her initial thoughts, and her impressive final product. I am never dissatisfied! If you need strategic communications that clearly articulate your message in a format that is reader inclusive, Donna is the only one you should contact for the work.” — Faye Farmer, Director of Research Development, Arizona State University


“I admire Donna’s skills and experience in both scientific and technical writing and editing. I received Donna’s services for polishing several documents, including a feature article, research proposal, curriculum vitae and elevator pitch. I am very impressed with her passion for perfection and timeliness. She is a multi-talented individual who also offers help with career guidance and networking. It has been a pleasure working with Donna in sharpening my professional portfolio.” –Sindhu Jagadamma, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee


“Donna provided some outstanding suggestions to improve my proposal, such as a conceptual diagram to capture our proposal’s concepts in a reader-friendly manner and a very thorough and robust project management plan. It was a pleasure to work with Donna. She asked the correct questions to understand the nature of the proposal’s aims and the problems being addressed, provided useful comments and edits of proposal drafts with a rapid turnaround, and most importantly through her comments provided the perspective of a scientific literate reader of our proposal that may not be deeply indwelled in our research areas, which is highly applicable to the panelists who evaluated our proposal.” –-Doug Hayes, Professor, University of Tennessee